Arrival in Aigina


Post by Courtney Swan

Another exciting day in Greece!  I am going to take a turn at the blog post while Dr. Sronce uploads more amazing pictures of our adventures in Greece.

We started with a visit to Ancient Corinth and toured the archaeological site where St. Paul stood trial.  Faye, our tour guide, did a wonderful job of explaining the history of the site and pointing out some of the ancient artifacts including beautiful mosaics.

Ancient Cornith 2 web

In route to Corinth, we made a brief stop to admire the main canal that was very, very deep and narrow and Robin and I were more than a little relieved that none of the students were interested in partaking in the bungee jumping opportunity that was advertised everywhere.  We have such a great group!

Ancient Cornith web

We had lunch at the ocean’s edge and then boarded a ferry to Aigina.  If there were any doubts by the crew that we were from out of town we erased them by being the only passengers riding on the top deck for the whole trip across to the island.  As we neared Aigina, the sun was setting behind the hills and a group of dolphins were swimming in our wake.  A fantastic welcome to our home for the next several days.

Leaving Athens web

We were met by Eleni and Becci, the Drury staff on Aigina, and they lead us to the Drury apartments and helped us settle in before we headed to a family restaurant for some delicious Gyros and Slovaki.  We are all looking forward to tomorrow when Eleni will be giving us a walking tour of the town.  Good night for now (or good afternoon if you are reading this from the States).

Arrival at Aigina web