Saying Goodbye to Aigina….

Everyday brings a new adventure here on Aigina.

After our free days on Friday and Saturday, we gathered back together for a cooking lesson from the apartment landlady, Mrs. Thanopoulou. She first took us around town to gather supplies which included a stop at the butcher for fresh ground beef and to the grocery store for the perfect selection of cheese.


She prepared a wonderful spinach pie for us to munch on as we watched and helped her assemble pastitsio.

serving it up

It was delicious.  The perfect carbo-loading for the next day’s adventures.

Cooking Class

Sunday was a beautiful day for a hike.  So we joined the Aigina hiking club for about a 6 mile hike.  They had an impressive turnout of hikers.

Hiking group

The views were spectacular and the students had a great time, leading the pack most of the way.

Hiking trails webHiking view webHiking trails web 2

Our last day in Aigina found us completing our biggest project.  We planted a winter garden that will provide the Aigina Volunteers with fresh vegetables for their food distributions.

Gardeners 2 webgarden 4garden 3Planting Katie and Carly 2 web

The day also turned into an impromptu picnic as many of the friends we made during our time here stopped by to say goodbye.

Picnic at the planting web

We had our farewell to Aigina dinner last night and expressed our appreciation to Elena Delagrammaticas  and Becci Brandon.  We are so thankful for the help they have given us on our trip.

We will load on to the ferry this morning and head back to Athens for two more days of ancient Greek culture.  Then home to family and friends with many new memories to share.


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