Kalimera friends and families!

Yesterday we visited the Nunnery of Agios Minas to attend a ceremony honoring the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist. The service began at 6:00 am, luckily for us though, we arrived around 8:15 am and stood the remainder service. Our feet were sore from standing only 45 minutes – we can’t imagine how everyone else’s feet must have felt! After the ceremony we had breakfast with the Priest of the monastery, Father Constantine, and funny enough he was from Saint Louis, Missouri. Father Constantine gave us great insight as to the situations in Greece and how it has affected the Church.



A view inside the dome of the chapel.

After breakfast, we walked a little bit down the road to the temple of Aphaia. From atop the hill, the temple of Aphaia offered a panoramic view of the sea as well as the town of Aegina down below. Perfect place for a photo-op. The temple dated back to the early century 6 BC and the surviving 3rd temple was built around 500 BC. It was originally thought that the temple of Aphaia, was built in honor of Athena whose figure dominated the two pediments. However, later excavations found an inscription of the name of a local goddess, Apha (Aphaia). Making it clear that the temple was dedicated to Aphaia, not Athena.



Later in the afternoon after we returned from the temple, we were free to continue our exploration of the town and food tour.


Brett and Phil



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