Acropolis…..and beyond.

What an excellent day!  The weather has been perfect.  We were warned that this is the rainy season and it could be quite chilly, but the weather today was perfect for a nice climb to the Acropolis.  Of course, our Greek guide, Faye, was a little concerned about the temperature and shooed me upstairs to bring along a jacket.  She is definitely providing us with some Greek perspectives and has been so very helpful.

We started the day at the museum and Faye gave us key information so we could better understand some of what we saw at the top.


Climb to the Top


The views along the walk were stunning

When we looked up at the Acropolis from our hotel, we were all were a little doubtful that we could actually make the climb.  A meandering trail and breathtaking views made it seem like just a casual walk…one with new delights around every corner.


The view of Athens and how it completely fills the area between the mountains surrounding it is overwhelming.  It seems as if buildings are on top of buildings.


The Parthenon itself leaves you speechless.  All the history we learned about it today made it even seemed more towering.  It surpassed our expectations.


After appreciating the views and taking picture after picture we ventured down and then onto a hill across the way for another panoramic view.


What a wonderful day….and did I mention the bakery were we had the flakiest cheese pie and pizza for lunch or the how the mother of our tour bus driver shared their Christmas treats -Melomarkarona cookies with me as I paid the bill.  Or Courtney and my well-deserved stop at the Greek yogurt shop on the way back to the hotel.


We are resting now and doing a little class reading before we head out to try more traditional Greek food.

What a day!


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